Monday, November 22, 2010

Tug of Love by Allie Spencer

*** 3 stars
I had previously read Spencer's book "The Not-so-secret Diary of a City Girl: Sex, scams and scandal". When I finished I immediately ordered her previous book "Tug of Love". I found that his book felt as though it dragged for me. It was a book filled of constant chaos and drama that kept the story line going, I am just not sure I really ever felt the depth of the character, so wasn't as interested as what was next to come. I at times was counting the pages to see how many til it ended. There were times where something would grab me and keep me reading, but it just never really caught me fully. Still it had a lot going on and was an ok read, just didn't pull me in as much as her "The Not-so-secret Diary of a City Girl". I still will be on the look out to see what she does next.

Book Jacket Summary:
Love, lust and litigation – a riveting romance so addictive it should be illegal!

Unsurprisingly, divorce barrister Lucy Stone is a bit of a cynic when it comes to love. And working with egotistical weasel Hugo Spade doesn’t help matters. Then Mark comes along, ticking all the boxes, and Lucy can’t believe her luck. But when Lucy has to choose between the man of her dreams and the career opportunity of a lifetime, it seems there really is no justice in the world. And the re-appearance of sexy-ex Jonathan is the last thing she needs. Is Lucy about to be found guilty of making the biggest mistake of her life?

Happily Ever After by Nora Roberts

A wonderful ending to this quartet. I loved how it portrayed the main character Parker, but it entwined the previous characters more than in previous sequel books. This book brought it all together and I was sad when it ended and knew this was the end of the series. I definitely wouldn't pass up this series if you get the chance to read it :)

Book Jacket Summary:
As the public face of Vows wedding planning company, Parker Brown has an uncanny knack for fulfilling every bride's vision. She just can't see where her own life is headed. Mechanic Malcomb Kavanaugh loves figuring out how things work, and Parker is no exception. Both know that moving from minor flirtation to major hook-up is a serious step. Parker's business risks have always paid off, but now she'll have to take the chance of a lifetime with her heart...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Single in the city by Michele Gorman

** 2 stars
While this wasn't my cup of tea per se, I have read other reviews and found it terribly popular. I just couldn't seem to get into this book. It has many witty comments, but I felt it was a bit all over the place. I kept up with what was going on but found it seemed to go on and on in one part, where another part had virtually no substance to it. It just didn't hold my attention. I am thinking I am going to give this another shot at a later date, but for now, will not be passing this one along. I hate to leave a negative comment, as the author had a very witty writing style it just didn't come together and grab me. I actually found myself counting pages and contemplating putting it down, which I rarely ever will do.

Book Jacket Summary:
It’s official. Hannah has left her friends and family in the US behind and is following her dream. To live in London. Unfortunately she's completely unprepared for what's in store. She’s going to find: 1. Her dream guy. A prince or Hugh Grant would be nice. Or does she have to settle for her half-naked Australian housemate or an "English gentleman" with terrible hygiene habits? 2. Her dream job. Something fantastic in fashion. So how has she ended up being the mini-me for an evil party planner who doesn’t even trust her to arrange the paperclips? 3. Her dream friends. But everyone in London seems to have known each other for years and Hannah’s having trouble getting to know nice people. Who’s she going to have fun with? Dream life? Should Hannah just dream on? Maybe it would have been simpler and cheaper to just get a new haircut. Was she mad to move 3,000 miles away from everyone she knows? Will she ever find love and her perfect life in England?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Alphabet Weekends by Elizabeth Noble

****4 stars
I really enjoyed this book. When I have read other reviews people were either loving it or hating it. I fall in to the category of loving it. There were numerous characters, but each chapter was labeled as to whom it was referring to. I had seen where this threw other people off but found it easy to keep straight. It is about three different couple and where they are at in their relationship. Although much of the book is centered around Natalie and Tom, the other characters are well formed. I really liked how they all interlinked. This was a great read that held my attention and had me smiling throughout. Definitely something to pass on to a friend.

Book Jacket Summary:
Natalie and Tom have been best friends forever, but Tom wants them to be much more. When Natalie's longtime boyfriend walks out on her just when she thinks he's going to propose, Tom offers her a different and wildly romantic proposition. He suggests that they spend twenty-six weekends together, indulging in twenty-six different activities from A to Z, and at the end of that time Tom's convinced they'll be madly in love. Natalie, however, is not so sure.
As Natalie's touring the alphabet with Tom, her mother's going through her own romantic crisis—while Tom's unhappily married sister-in-law, Lucy, struggles with temptation. And over the course of six amazing months, three generations of passionate dreamers are going to discover that, no matter how clever they are, love—and life—is never as easy as A, B, C . . .

The Not-so-Secret Diary of a Cirty Girl by Allie Spencer

***** 5 stars
This was a new author for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and the suspense throughout. The characters are well formed and it is quick paced. You will blo through this book and be sorry it ended. I have already gone and ordered her other book and am awaiting it to arrive in the mail. I will definitely be passing this one along to my friends.

Book Jacket Summary:
Think your secrets are safe? You can't bank on it.
When it comes to analyzing her life, banking analyst Laura McGregor keeps some things safely concealed in her electronic diary: musing on her lackluster relationship with trader Tom, numbers not adding up in a new boss Will's accounts, and her knee-trembling attraction to dirt-digging journalist Alex.
But what if someone accidentally uploaded the diary on to the internet for all to see? Could Laura stop her reputation - and her heart - from being dragged through the mud?

Love Me if You Dare by Carly Phillips

****4 Stars
Great follow-up from Kiss me if you can. You actually see a couple of the characters resurface or get mentioned. I enjoyed this one as well. It is a light quick paced read. If you haven't read a Carly Phillips book these two will defintely have you wanting to read more.

Book Jacket Summary:
When hostage negotiator Rafe Mancuso takes a bullet to save Sara Rios, his former partner, his actions make him a bona fide hero—and New York City's newest most eligible bachelor. Then Rafe admits that Sara is much more than just another woman he's rescued. Suddenly, a firestorm of gossip turns him into exactly what he doesn't want to be: the Bachelor Blog's newest hot topic. His only solution is to leave town and get himself out of the spotlight…and sexy, jaded Sara out of his mind.

NYPD officer Sara Rios has Rafe to thank for saving her life, and Rafe to blame for the media chaos surrounding her. She wants to throw herself back into duty at full throttle, but until her injuries heal, she's on leave and in search of her rescuer. From the moment she finds Rafe and meets his large, boisterous family, she's hooked. But mutual attraction doesn't always mean happily-ever-after, and these two have a long way to go to find their fairy-tale ending….

Friday, November 5, 2010

Kiss my If you can by Carly Phillips

****4 stars
Carly Phillips writes books that you can just loose yourself in and get caught up in a good mystery or romance or both. Kiss me if you can has a bit of both. This is the beginner book of a new series she is writing and I have already gotten the second and am ready to dig in. Although from the beginning you can see what direction the book is taking and can assume the outcome, you always know that you will enjoy the ride to the end. Thank you for my bit of escapism.

Book Jacket Summary:
Sam Cooper ("Coop") has just become the most eligible bachelor in New York City. Now that he has foiled a jewelry-store robbery and has been rewarded with the ring of his choice, single women all over the city are fawning over the crime reporter. But Coop isn't interested in the admirers sending racy underwear his way. His attention is centered solely on Lexie Davis, the only woman in the city who claims not to be interested in his bachelor status.
Instead, free-spirited Lexie is interested in Coop's antique ring, and its—potentially scandalous—history in her family. But Coop is quickly becoming more than just her route to the ring. When his investigation starts to uncover the truth, will she trust her heart—and her family secrets—to this most eligible bachelor?

The Truth about You by Melissa Hill

*****5 stars
OMG! I loved this book. I noticed when reading the book summary that there wasn't really a romance involved in this one, so I put this book off, even though Melissa Hill is one of my favorite authors. I love the way she spins a story and the twists that lay within. Her characters are all identifiable even though some you may not like ;). I can honestly say I devoured this book as I have all her others and wish I hadn't put it aside to wait on reading. I look forward to her next book whenever that may be!

Book jacket Summary:
When a newborn baby is found abandoned on the doorstep of a local cafe everyone is forced to ask - who could the child possibly belong to?
Happily-married Jess feels increasingly left out as the only non-mum amongst her friends. Terrifies that she will lose them, she wonders if it's time to become a mother herself. but is she rushing into something she knows nothing about?
Meanwhile Hollywood actress Ruth Seymour is about to return home. But an ill-advised fling with a handsome co-star has resulted in one seriously unplanned consequence.
And newly-single Nina has come back to the small Irish town of Lakeview to live with her estranged father, Patrick. though she will have to eventually ,she doesn't yet dare tell him about the secret she is concealing.
One thing's for sure: someone knows more than they're telling.
And the truth won't stay hidden forever...

The Paradise Room by Belinda Jones

****4 stars
Another solid read by Jones. I love how she is constantly taking us somewhere different and the way she describes it makes you feel as though you are there seeing it or wanting to make it one of your own adventures. Diva Las Vegas is still my favorite read by her but this is coming in close second. I can't wait to get into my next book of hers. Definite feel good book to pass along to a friend.

Book Jacket Summary:
When Amber Pepper's jeweller boyfriend Hugh asks her to join him on a business trip to the paradise islands of Tahiti she's not keen - Amber loves big jumpers and rain. She'd rather be pedalling through puddles at home in Oxford than lolling in the gel-blue waters of the South Pacific. However, the prospect of sipping Mai Tais with her long-lost friend Felicity is incentive enough to coax her on the twenty-hour flight.
Within hours of touching down on coral sands the girls venture into a seductive new world of mesmerising music, exotic black pearls and sexy strangers. And for the first time Amber falls head over flip-flops in lust, only to receive an unexpected marriage proposal.
Will she opt for a barefoot beach wedding or cast caution - and her coconut bra - to the wind? No easy decision for a drizzle-loving gal when it's ninety degrees in the shade...