Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Nights by Allie Spencer

****4 stars
This is a great summer read. You will find that Allie Spencer books are smart and witty and just overall fun, with a bit of romance and a lot of friendship. You will find Flora and her cousin Bella are a duo that can have fun and roll with the punches :)

Book Jacket Summary:
It all goes on in this high-speed read' - Sun 'An exciting and deliciously escapist read' - Closer 'Sizzling' - Daily Express 'The perfect companion to sun, sea and sand, this book has to find its way into your beach bag this summer' - C andis

One Summer by Roisin Meaney

****4 stars
These characters come to life and you find yourself frustrated and trying to steer them straight. The setting is ideal and had me hoping that it truly existed. I love a book like this that you feel the depth and attachment to. This book stayed with me long after I had finished and started a new book. I look forward to anything Roisin does in the future.

Book Jacket Description:
On Roone, an island off the west coast of Ireland, stands a stone cottage by the edge of the sea. The locals are convinced that it brings luck to those who live there and Nell, its current owner, is certain there's something to it. After all, it drew her back to the island from Dublin and it brought her Tim, her fiancé, whom she's set to marry in a few short months. So when Nell decides to rent out the cottage during the summer to raise money for her wedding, deep down she hopes that it will work its magic and attract the right tenants to her home. But as the summer unfolds and Nell's carefully-laid plans for her wedding start to go awry, she begins to question her decision to let out her beloved cottage. As the arrival of each of the tenants brings about unexpected change to the lives of the islanders, Nell is forced to face some home truths about herself and answer one increasingly burning question . . . One thing's for sure, it's a summer on the island that nobody will ever forget.

The Charm Bracelet

***3 stars
I love Melissa Hills writing and was really looking forward to her most recent book. I loved the concept of this book but found it dragged for me at times, it still was a good read but not what I have come to love and anticipate. The characters were all likeable enough and had a good back story, I just didn't feel the attachment or depth I enjoy. I am still a huge fan and look forward to her next book :)

Book Jacket Summary:
Every charm bracelet tells a story and Holly O'Neill knows this better than most. Many years ago she was sent one mysteriously, just a single charm attached. Some time later another charm appeared, and the same happened until the bracelet was almost full. Each charm proved significant, as if her anonymous benefactor knew she needed a little bit of magic in her life. So when Holly stumbles across another bracelet - one that somebody else has lost - she recognises a lifetime spelt out through the charms, and knows she must try to reunite it with its owner. Using each charm to help discover more about the bracelet's owner, Holly gradually begins to piece together details of this other charmed life. And her quest leads her somewhere she never expected...