Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Frisky Business by Clodagh Murphy

**** 4 stars
My first Clodagh Murphy book and I was completely impressed. This was a fresh, fun and cute story. It had me smiling through out and although you can figure out a some of the plot ahead of time, the journey of reading it was still enjoyable. Can't wait to read another book by her. I hope they are as enjoyable :)

Book Jacket Summary:
Romy Fitzgerald always planned to go the conventional route: boyfriend, marriage, children. Motherhood via cupboard sex at a costume party with a stranger dressed as Darth Vader didn't feature on her to-do list. But when she gives birth to her son Luke nine months later, he turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to her. As Luke gets older however, Romy knows that at some point she's goiong to have to tell him about his father. Trouble is, she never found out 'Darth's' real name. But when an old flame arrives back in her life, the plot thickens. Kit Masterson was always 'the one who got away' and now he's back from New York and seems intent on playing happy families with Romy and Luke. But Kit has his own secrets to hide . . . As Romy begins to wonder if she'll ever find her mystery man from the party, she learns that in real life secrets rarely stay hidden, especially when it comes to love. But will Romy find her dark knight or will she be left to raise Luke (Han) solo?