Monday, March 31, 2014

When You Walked Back Into My Life by Hilary Boyd

***3 stars
This was an enjoyable read but at times I found myself completely frustrated. I wanted to pep talk the main character. I loved the dynamic between Flora and Dorthea and would have liked to seen some more of the secondary characters have more of a story.

Book Jacket Summary:
For eight years Flora and Fin had an exciting, fun relationship, but when Flora wanted to settle down and have children, Fin decided he wanted to move on.
Flora healed her broken heart and resigned herself to being alone, convincing herself that a quiet life is enough.
Until Fin reappears.
Back in her life once more, they pick up where they left off – his betrayal forgotten, or at least forgiven. But has Fin really changed? Can he give Flora the love that she’s given up searching for?

A Gift to Remember by Melissa Hill

*** 3 stars
I have read many of Melissa Hill's books. This one I just didn't connect with. It had great characters, but would have liked to see more happen with them. I liked the main character, Darcy. Its nice to see the main character, not be racked in designer clothing and look ordinary. Overall a enjoyable read and if you are already a Hill fan I am sure you will enjoy. :)

Book Jacket Summary:
Darcy Archer works in a small bookstore in Manhattan. A daydream believer, she refuses to settle for anything less than being swept off her feet by the perfect man… literally.
One day, when cycling to work, Darcy accidentally crashes into a sharply dressed gentleman walking his dog. He is knocked out cold, rushed to hospital and the poor pup gets left behind.
Wracked with guilt, Darcy takes the dog and makes plans to reunite him with owner, Aidan. As she discovers the mysterious stranger's world of books, travel, adventure and all the wonderful things she's ever dreamt about, Darcy builds a picture of this man and wonders if he could be THE ONE…
But does fantasy match reality? What happens when Prince Charming wakes up? Will Aidan be the happy ever after she's always imagined?

The Perfect Match by Katie Fforde

**** 4 stars
I am a huge Katie Fforde fan. I have read all her books, and some I have reread. This isn't one of my top favorites, but was still a great read. I didn't feel the depth that I usually feel with her characters. I also adored her supporting character Alice. I found myself pulled more towards her story than relating to Bella. Still a great read, just not my fav :)

Book Jacket Summary:
Three years ago Bella Castle left her home town nursing a broken heart over Dominic Thane, the man she fell in love with but couldn't have .
Now she's made a new life for herself in the country, working as an estate agent.
Bella loves her job and she loves her boyfriend Nevil. But recently he's been preoccupied, and she's starting to question if his future hopes and dreams are a perfect match for hers.
And when Dominic turns up unexpectedly in search of his dream house, she begins to wonder if home is really where the heart is. But she's over him, isn't she?

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Keep Calm and Carry a Big Drink (There's Cake in My Future) by Kim Gruenenfelder

***** 5 stars
This is a follow-up book from There's Cake in My Future, which I simply loved. I didn't realize this had been released and was very eager to start as soon as I downloaded it to my Kindle. I had high hopes for this as the previous was a great read, I definitely was not disappointed. I loved the characters and it was great to see where a year had taken them. I think my only complaint was the ending was a bit short but there was a great epilogue at the end, which I was more than happy to see. I truly hope to see more by this character, as her books always seem to pull me in quickly and enjoy :)
Please be sure if you haven't read "There's Cake in My Future" that you take the time before picking this one up. You won't be disappointed.

Book Jacket Summary:
It's been almost a year since Mel, Nic and Seema pulled their magical charms out of the cake at Nic's bridal shower and most of their happily-ever-afters seemingly came true. Seema is about to marry Scott in an elaborate three-day affair. Nic is glowingly pregnant. And Mel... well, Mel feels as if she accidentally veered off the rails of her life at some point and isn't sure how to get back on. She recently became single again, she's been threatened with a layoff from her teaching job, and she has to find her own place now that Scott is moving in with her roommate, Seema.
Nic thinks Mel just needs a new cake charm to bring her good luck. . . and decides to rig the cake pull at Seema's bridal shower. Desperate for travel, Mel asks for the passport charm. But, once again, the cake proves to have a mind of its own, and she pulls a charm she doesn't want, and can not use. Rather than be bound by the charm's prophecy, Mel realizes she, and she alone, is responsible for her destiny. A spur of the moment decision takes her to Paris and then Maui, where she finds herself on an adventure that she never could have imagined, experiencing the trials and tribulations of a life suddenly and perfectly unplanned. And, along the way, she begins to learn that, however nonsensical it may seem, the cake is never wrong...

It Felt Like A Kiss by Sarra Manning

**** 4 stars
Great Book! It has been a while since I have read a Sarra Manning book. I really loved the characters in this book, even the eccentric mom. I truly loved the idea of this book, with paparazzi, like we don't all pick up our US magazines or People to see whats happening with the celebrities;) , which made this a fun read. I can't wait to find another one of her books and dig in :)

Book Jacket Summary:
Ellie Cohen is living her dream. A great job at an exclusive Mayfair art gallery, loyal mates, loving family, and really, really good hair. Well, there's the famous rock-star father who refuses to acknowledge her and a succession of 'challenging' boyfriends, but nobody's perfect.
But when a vengeful ex sells Ellie out to the press, she suddenly finds herself fighting to keep her job, her reputation and her sanity. Then David Gold - handsome, charming but ruthlessly ambitious - is sent in to manage the media crisis . . . and Ellie.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero by Harriet Evans

**** 4 stars
I am sure that if you have read any of my previous blogs, you would know that I love Evan's books, so I was excited to see this novella come out to hold us over til her next book. This was a follow-up on "A Hopeless Romantic", which let us see how Lara and Nick are making things work. If you haven't read "A Hopeless Romantic", don't spoil it by picking this to read first. Read them in sequence to get the full impact :)

Book Summary:
Do you believe in happy endings?
Laura Foster used to be a hopeless romantic. She was obsessed with meeting her own Prince Charming until she grew up and realised real life doesn’t work like that.
Then she met Nick. A romantic hero straight from a fairytale, with a grand country estate and a family tree to match.
They’ve been together four years now and Laura knows that what really matters is the two of them, not everything else around them. She can’t imagine ever loving anyone the way she loves Nick.
Now, though, people are openly asking when they’ll hear wedding bells, and Nick is keeping secrets from Laura. She’s starting to feel she might not be ‘good enough’ for his family.
Can an ordinary girl like Laura make it work with one of the most eligible men in the country?

Christmas at Rosie Hopkins' Sweetshop By Jenny Colgan

***** 5 stars
Great follow up to "Welcome to Rosie Hopkin's Sweetshop of Dreams". I absolutely adore the characters and was so happy to see what was going on in Lipton. I truly was glued to this book and was sad to see it end. It had been a while since I had read a Colgan's book and I now see the error of my ways. If you haven't read any of her books, start here and you won't be disappointed ;)

Book Jacket Summary:
Rosie Hopkins is looking forward to Christmas in the little Derbyshire village of Lipton buried under a thick blanket of snow. Her sweetshop is festooned with striped candy canes large tempting piles of Turkish Delight crinkling selection boxes and happy sticky children. She's going to be spending it with her boyfriend Stephen and her family flying in from Australia. She can't wait.
But when a tragedy strikes at the heart of their little community all of Rosie's plans for the future seem to be blown apart. Can she build a life in Lipton? And is what's best for the sweetshop also what's best for Rosie?
Treat yourself and your sweet-toothed friends to Jenny Colgan's heart-warming new novel. The irresistibly delicious recipes are guaranteed to get you into the festive spirit and will warm up your Christmas celebrations.

Welcome To Rosie Hopkins' Sweetshop Of Dreams by Jenny Colgan

***** 5 stars
I have read a few of Colgan's books in the past and loved the title and cover of this book so I decided to give it a shot. Loved it. It reminded me alot of Katie Fforde book, more depth to it. I truly loved the characters, and was happy to see when I finished there was a follow-up book to sink my teeth into.

Book Jacket Summary:
Rosie Hopkins is about to face major upheaval. Her elderly aunt Lilian - feisty, independent Aunt Lily who never talked about her past - needs her help, so Rosie is moving to the depths of the countryside for a few months to look after her. Plus Rosie will be away from Gerard, the man she hopes to settle down with soon, and they'll miss each other dreadfully... won't they?
Lilian Hopkins has spent her life running Lipton's village sweetshop, through wartime and family feuds. As she struggles with the idea that it might finally be time to sell up, she also wrestles with the secret history hidden behind the jars of beautifully coloured sweets.
And the longer Rosie and Lilian spend together, the more they realise they can learn from each other...