Thursday, April 23, 2015

Single Woman Seeks Revenge by Tracy Bloom

***** 5 stars
Ok, Let me start off by saying "WOW". I started this book and in the first chapter I am thinking, ok just another Chick lit book and will probably be predictable. I have never been so wrong about a book lol. This book was fresh and actually funny. I found myself laughing and thinking what creative ways to get revenge. I even had to share some of the Dear Susie letters with my husband. I loved how Bloom brought in our knowledge of RomCom movies and incorporated them into how we find ourselves growing up and wanting that scenario to happen. Personally, I always loved The ending of Pretty in Pink with Blane McDonnagh walking up to Andie and saying "You don't need to me to say I'm sorry... You told me you couldn't believe in somebody who didn't believe in you. I always believed in you.I just didn't believe in me. I love you……Always." ;)
If you are looking for a great read that will grab you almost straight away and make you feel as though you are reading a fresh perspective of women's fiction, this is your book! I look forward to reading more by Tracy Bloom. She is now 2 for 2 on good solid reads, as No-one Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday was another great read :)

Book Jacket Summary:
What do you do when you find your love-life in ruins? Get revenge on every man who ever broke your heart of course....
Suzie Miller, a disillusioned agony aunt, can't believe she's been dumped from a great height yet again (this time by text, straight after they've had sex... twice!). So she decides the time is right to make every one of her exes feel the pain she felt when they carelessly cast her aside.
Her methods are unusual but humiliation on a grand scale is no less than they deserve.
Euphoric that she's finally stood up for herself she starts suggesting outrageous ways for her readers to deal with their relationship nightmares too. Suddenly everyone wants Suzie's advice. Finally content with being single and enjoying her blossoming career it seems as though happiness is within her grasp. That is until a man gets in the way.
Single Woman Seeks Revenge is a romantic comedy with a kick: a kick up the backside to any man who believes he got away with treating a woman badly and to any woman who doesn't fight back.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

30 First Dates by Stacey Wiedower

****3 stars
As I was searching for a new read, this book popped up as a suggested book. After reading the summary and reviews, I figured, why not. It was a cute read with some enjoyable characters. I liked the premise of the blog and how quickly something can take off and change your outlook on things.

Book Jacket Summary:
30 dates, 30 wild ideas, total media frenzy… but only one Mr. Right.
Erin Crawford is a relationship blogger with a bucket list and a vendetta. After having horrible luck in her own relationships, she decides to start a blog called "30 First Dates." Her mission: go out with 30 men before her 30th birthday. It's her quest to find a non-jerk in 30 dates or less. As she blogs about her sometimes humorous and sometimes just sad dates, she also begins to cross off her bucket list of 30 things she wants to do before she turns 30—killing two birds with one stone by completing the items on her dates! In fourteen months she skydives, skinnydips, crashes a wedding, travels to multiple cities and lives way outside her usual comfort zone. The only question is, as her birthday approaches and her list grows smaller, will Erin be able to find love? Or is she destined to be a first-date-only kind of girl?

The Greatest Love Story Of All Time by Lucy Robinson

**** 4 stars
Hmmm.... This book took me a bit to get into, but once I did it really had me. The characters were a bit odd, but I found that it added to the charm of this book. I really enjoyed the twists that came throughout the book, although some of them you could see coming, it was still enjoyable and watch out, there were a few you won't see ahead of time.

Book Jacket Summary:
It's Fran's thirtieth birthday and things are good . . .
She's bluffed her way into a Very Posh Job and her outlandishly handsome and talented boyfriend Michael is escorting her to the Ritz with a bulge the shape of a ring box in his pocket.
But something has gone wrong. Very wrong. By the end of the evening Fran is howling in bed with a bottle of cheap brandy and one of Michael's old socks.
In her quest to figure out why her life has suddenly gone down the pan, Fran comes up with a failsafe plan: live like a badger, stalk a stranger called Nellie and cancel her beloved Gin Thursdays in favour of drinking gin every night. But then Fran's friends force a very different plan on her and it's nowhere near as fun. How could eight dates possibly make her feel better?
But eventually she agrees. And so begins the greatest love story of all time . . .

The Wish List by Jane Costello

**** 4 stars
Very cute book. I know that we have seen alot of these kind of books in the Chick lit genre, but that doesn't take away what a cute read it was. I always enjoy Jane Costello's book. I was surfing Amazon (kindle) for a new read and saw that she had a book out I hadn't read "The Big 3-OH". I would like to say that it very frustrating when a publishing company puts out the same book but renames it. Thankfully, I have read this recent enough, although forgot to blog on it, that I didn't purchase it a second time. Anyway, a cute fun read, you won't be disappointed.

Book Jacket Summary:
The Big 3-0 is looming, but there's so much still to do... The brilliant new novel from the Sunday Times Top 10 bestselling author
There are six months left of Emma Reiss's twenties. . . and she has some unfinished business.
Emma and her friends are about to turn thirty, and for Emma it's a defining moment. Defined, that is, by her having achieved none of the things she'd imagined she would.
Her career is all wrong, her love life is a desert and that penthouse apartment she pictured herself in simply never materialised. Moreover, she's never jumped out of a plane, hasn't met the man she's going to marry, has never slept under the stars, or snogged anyone famous - just some of the aspirations on a list she and her friends compiled fifteen years ago.
an endless round of birthday parties sees Emma hurtle towards her own thirtieth, she sets about addressing these issues. But, as she discovers with hilarious consequences, some of them are trickier to tick off than she'd thought…

Friday, April 3, 2015

Since You've Been Gone by Anouska Knight

**** 4 stars
Saw this book jacket while surfing and it caught my attention. After reading the summary, I decided to give it a try. I am so thankful that I did. This book was a great read, with some wonderful characters in it.
I will definitely have to look for more books by this author.

Book Jacket Summary:
She’s loved and lost – will she ever learn to open her heart again? In one tragic moment, Holly Jefferson’s life as she knows it changes for ever. Now, to the external world, everything’s ‘fine’: she’s renovating her cottage, running her own business, Cake – and generally just getting on with it.
What she feels inside is a different story: lost, alone, unsure of the future – and certain she’ll never love again. When she meets handsome Ciaran Argyll, son of a self-made millionaire businessman, she thinks their worlds couldn’t be more different. He’s rich, confident and gets by on his looks; she’s just trying to get by.
However, there’s more to Ciaran than the superficial world that surrounds him, and he too is wrestling with his own ghosts. Will Holly find the missing ingredient that allows her to put her grief behind her – and embrace an unknown and unexpected tomorrow?