Monday, November 30, 2015

After the Wedding by Roisin Meany

*****5 stars
Wonderful follow-up book to One Summer by Meany. I love that we are able to see how Nell and James are doing, as well as the many characters we loved from the first book. This book also had a bit of a mystery that just made it all the more enjoyable.
Book Jacket Summary:
After a bumpy start, Nell and James have finally said 'I do' and everything seems to be falling into place. Nell is getting comfortable in her new role as stepmother to James' sixteen-year-old son Andy, she's finally mending fences with her father and she's ready to look to the future.
Then Nell's ex-fiancé Tim - her husband James' brother - comes back to Roone, a place he's never liked, and she begins to feel uneasy. As the summer days roll by, and Tim seems in no hurry to return to his wife and daughter, Nell is finding it more and more difficult to enjoy her new beginning.
But when the little island of Roone is rocked by the disappearance of a young child, Nell realises that life can change in a single moment. Will happiness be restored before the autumn comes?

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